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Republic of Things is a unique enabler of the UK’s next generation of digital capability 

We collaborate with practitioners and policy makers across organisations ambitious for technology-led transformation, including national and local government, councils, the NHS and the community sector.

Our work powerfully addresses numerous official recommendations that the public sector should more urgently embrace digital assistance. There is an imperative to improve service standards, simultaneously driving efficiencies and optimising budgets. We argue that all change must both deploy appropriate technology and also place citizen-centric considerations at the heart of solutions.

Within open, combinatorial and enduring relationships, we will not comprise on our exacting standards and principles:

Tech & Sector Note: whilst Republic is a leading UK innovator within smart cites and public realm digital services, we also enthusiastically drive IoT transformation in multiple sectors, including industrial and logistics. Our full-stack capability is exceptional across sensors, networks (5G and NB-IoT) and analytics (we have our own platform for swift, cost-effective tactical innovation and delivery) and we accommodate multiple data sources.

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Innovation & Impact

We are sector leaders in networks, data, deployment and integration, across all aspects of hardware, software and communications.

Many initiatives fail through lack of such holistic expertise, or become sidetracked into self-defeating silos of inappropriate technology. We mitigate against the numerous predictable pitfalls of the innovation journey to ensure powerful outcomes.

Our full-stack team and specific expertise inspire truly breakthrough solutions, always seeking to catalyse broader digital culture and capability.

Value & Transparency

We carry forward rich resources of know-how and perfectly appropriate technology from flagship projects, including our made-for-purpose public sector deployment and analytics platform.

We hit the ground running, rapidly establishing co-creative work to deliver winning solutions. Partners are often astonished at the achievable Return on Investment.

Our solutions are designed to last but always encourage widespread integration and users benefit from continual evolution, particularly around network optimisations and deepening machine learning and AI dimensions. We are committed to a fully aligned agenda with the public sector, rejecting the commercial norm of relentless profit maximisations, product over-complexity, and constant up-selling pressure.

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Data sharing & Security

We reject all proprietary data models. We will craft with you the flows, analytics and reporting that sit comfortably across the optimal mix of individuals, organisations and value augmentations for people and processes.

Always sharable and always under your own control, solutions also feature strong security compliance, from device to high grade hosting here in the UK.

Support & Future Proofing

We are developing a fast-broadening and research-driven suite of radical and affordable reconfigurations of the public services’ landscape. This multi-stakeholder effort enjoys the dynamics of a national movement, with knowledge and breakthroughs freely shared.

We invite you to align your own twin goals of person-centricity and organisational productivity with our passionate creativity and integrity of delivery.


Data & Social Value

4:SV is a collaborative think tank function, curated by Republic of Things, dedicated to exploring transformational data possibilities within the public realm.

There are three commonly-cited “V’s” within Big Data – Variety, Volume and Velocity.

Consistent with our methodology of co-creating human-centric digital services, we continuously explore a fourth V; Value, specifically Social Value.

This is set against the general issues of data being misused as commercial exploitation, or in other ways as excessive surveillance and intrusion. 

Furthermore, much of social data itself – in so far as it is digitally collected, collated and shared – tends to sit historically at the individual or “postcode” levels, lacking the comparative context and currency to inform best practices, superior indicators and standards.

Practitioners working in fields such as health, care, planning and housing crave escape from limited digital options and vendor lock-in, seeking a fresh idiom that treats data as foundational to superior and mass scale quality of existence. They increasingly reject cumbersome tech and business models which treat data as yet another layer of maximal commercial gain.

Within 4:SV’s research focus we are always looking to foster dialogue and to partner with organisations keen to push the boundaries of better data-driven options, outputs and outcomes.