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At Republic of Things we demystify all aspects of the Internet of Things to make innovation accessible to all users.

For the public sector we create unique value-add around wellbeing, transport and community digital enablement.

For the private sector we are creating compelling opportunities in key sectors, including manufacturing, logistics, construction and the built environment.

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>Making IoT happen

Keywords: productivity, flexibility, co-creation, value, scalability, transparency, integrity

IoT is the extension of computing beyond its current boundaries and out into the physical environment. Through the gathering of input via sensors, analytics can interpret the data for responses via sophisticated automation. Early uses range across improving agricultural yields, home automation, community wellbeing, integrated transport and joining up processes across multi-site corporations.

The potential of this compelling technology is frequently struggling for widespread release and for convincing Return on Investment.

Republic is delivering advanced, low cost connectivity. This is coupled with the generous sharing of deep expertise and we offer a compelling IoT roadmap in multiple sectors.

Other key concerns are privacy and security. Republic has developed a robust UK solution, which copper-bottoms data sanctity.

We also completely reject vendor lock-in, allowing our clients to reposition, reconfigure and scale their solutions without any platform obstacles.

Republic of Things: proud partners of the Innovate UK CityVerve IoT consortium

We are the natural home of connected things on the Internet